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The Advantages of Slipper Boots

The first time I heard term slipper boots I wondered, "What are they?" The phrase seems so incongruous. But once I saw a pair and started to wear them I realized that slipper boots are the best of both slippers and boots.

They combine certain attributes of both to make an extremely comfortable and useful shoe. Slip-on shoes that come up over the ankle have become very popular in recent years, especially with younger consumers. The Ugg brand has made this kind of footwear a fashion phenomenon.

As I said before, these shoes have characteristics of both slippers and boots. The slipper half of these comfortable shoes brings texture, materials, comfort, and warmth to the table. Slippers are usually made of very soft materials on the inside and out. The softness on the inside makes the shoes feel good against your feet and the softness outside makes them pliable and easily shaped to your foot.

The materials used are not only soft, but usually very warm. A lot of slippers and especially slipper boots are lined with wool or fleece which are fabrics common in winter clothing. Another attribute of slippers is that they are usually easy to put on. A lot of people keep a pair of slippers next to the bed to slip on as they get up in the morning or in the middle of the night. When you are groggy from sleep you so not want too hard to put on shoes. While the footwear we are discussing here are not a slip on shoe, they are easier to put on than regular boots because of the soft materials of construction.

The boot half of my new favorite shoe brings important elements to the shoe as well. The shoes we wear around the house and for comfort are rarely sturdy enough to be worn elsewhere. Slipper boots have a harder sole that is made out of rubber or plastic so that they are non-slip and they can be worn outside of the home.

Boots are very sturdy shoes and are meant to be treated roughly. While these fuzzy foot coverings are by no mean appropriate for mountain climbing, they can be worn out in public because of the sturdier soles. The warmth that we talked about earlier is also an attribute of boots that is present in this new hybrid footwear.

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