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Cowboy Boot Shoes For Kids and Adults

What kid or adult doesn't want a pair of cowboy boots (also known as western boots and cowboy boot shoes) at some points in his or her life? Even though the western motion picture has galloped off the scene for the most part, and real cowboys are few and far between, there's just something about cowboy boots that calls us to own a pair.

Luckily for us, retailers offering cowboy boots and cowboy boot shoes abound, all catering to the global desire to look powerful and distinctive. Look up "cowboy boots" at or do a search on "cowboy boots" and "cowboy boot shoes" on-line and uncover hundreds of styles and features that can keep you in discovery mode for days.

Well-made, comfortable, traditionally styled cowboy boot shoes for kids start at around $40 and ascend from there. This is a good thing, because kid's feet grow quickly, so they're more likely to out-grow a pair than to out-wear them. The low price allows a mom or dad to purchase another pair as the child grows, or to buy multiple pairs in increasing sizes so that their little buckaroo doesn't have to choose between different styles and colors: he or she can simply place several pairs into a closet, awaiting the next growth spurt.

Adult cowboy boot shoes come in many different sizes and styles starting at about the $49 level. Cowhide or man-made composition materials are the usual materials for a boot priced this low. Cowhide is durable and attractive. The embellishments on a boot under $100 are basic and include different kinds of stitching or embossing to help a boot stand out on a crowded shelf.

It is at prices above $200 where cowboy boot shoes begin to rise and shine. More exotic materials, like calfskin, kangaroo, ostrich, lizard, eel, and snakeskin begin to make their appearance. These natural skins are less durable and require more frequent and intensive care and maintenance than do cowhide or man-made materials. If you're buying a cowboy boot shoe for a child, realize that it will probably be up to you to oil and maintain the boot if you want to protect your investment, or should you plan to hand the boot down to a waiting child as it becomes outgrown by the original owner.

In rarified atmospheres above $500, cowboy boot shoes take on all the colors of the rainbow, all the stitching in existence, and can include rare gem inlays, intricate carvings, and other outer embellishments. Lucchese's 125th anniversary vintage boot comes in at a breathtaking $12,500 while its classic belly-of-alligator boot comes in at "only $3,999 - still at nosebleed altitude for most casual shoppers.

But most cowboy boot shoes for kids and adults can be found at "wish list" or "layaway" range, and a great many are immediately affordable. While they may not satisfy your wish to own a pair of one-of-a-kind cowboy boot shoes, they'll certainly fill the bill for daily use at home, school, work, and play.

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